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  • Philipp Stahmer,
    Certified Specialist for Labour Law

    Philipp Stahmer Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht, Hamburg

    Certified Specialist for Labour Law and partner of the lawfirm RPS Stahmer,
    Hamburg / Germany

Special legal focus

  • Drafting of service and employment contracts, termination agreements and other contracts relating to labour law
  • Drafting and negotiating works agreements, including participation in conciliation boards as solicitor or member
  • Advice and judicial representation in works constitutional matters (e.g. scope and limits of co-determination)
  • Advice and judicial representation regarding in individual labour law (e.g. Dismissal protection, fixed-term employment)
  • Advice and guidance in matters relating to company restructurings and transactions
  • Legal advice for executives and managers in employment matters as well as extrajudicial and judicial representation
  • Legal services for international clients
  • Data protection (Federal Data Protection Act) and equal treatment (German General Act on Equal Treatment) in the company